Lumin CPAP cleaner and Lumin Wand are medical grade UV Cleaners for cleaning your personal CPAP mask and accessories.
The 5-minute ozone FREE cleaning cycle uses UltraViolet rays to kill germs and bacteria and does not require water or chemicals.


  •  Narrow spectrum UV technology kills germs and bacteria
  •  Zero chemicals required
  •  Cleans CPAP parts, hoses, masks and more
  •  Cost-effective cleaner

Sleep 8

Sleep 8 filter bags are completely compatible with ALL CPAP machine masks and clean with one simple click of a button.
Its small size makes it super portable for travel and best of all it’s virtually silent!

  •  No adapter needed to work with any machine
  •  One-click cleaning
  •  Virtually Silent


Purify O3

Purify O3 is a simple and effective way to clean CPAP or BiPAP masks and equipment. This cleaning unit utilizes ozone to kill 99% of germs and bacteria. The Purify O3 is FDA registered and may be used on other small reusable medical equipment including nebulizers, breast pumps, etc. USB rechargeable and portable.


  • Hospital grade sanitizer
  • The most portable cleaner on the market
  • Kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria

Demand for Lumin CPAP Cleaning Products Explodes

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. – It’s been a whirlwind few months for 3B Medical’s Lumin, which has found a new purpose amid the coronavirus pandemic. The company’s phone started ringing off the hook in mid-March when the New York Times published a story about the University of...